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เกี่ยวกับ Gardenia Bangkok

Gardenia Bangkok is a brand that was founded by the company. Ngam Bedding Co., Ltd.

Since 1966, we have gained experience in manufacturing and selling various textiles.

such as bed sheet, pillowcase, duvet cover towel

and also including various appliances in various accommodation businesses

Whether a hotel, resort, guesthouse or hostel

with good quality products and services aimed at customer satisfaction

Gardenia Bangkok has become a shop that meets all the needs of the accommodation business.

Whether your business has 1-2 bedrooms or more than 100 bedrooms.

We have the right product for you at an affordable price with premium quality.

and friendly and fast service.

Our team is all focused on making a great impression on you.

in the first place by recommending products that are suitable for your business

production and thorough inspection of goods Fast and accurate delivery

to after-sales service because we realize that

Customer comfort, you are our responsibility.

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