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  • Pillow

    We have 2 types of pillows with the main features as follows :

    • Made from animal cruelty-free synthetic fibers.
    • Keep germs and dust mites at bay! suitable for people with allergies or pets.
    • It is covered in 100% cotton for a soft touch.


    1. Microfiber Ball Pillow

    • Good weight distribution
    • The fiber is highly flexible.
    • Save price.
    • It is suitable for those who like to sleep with high pillows.


    2. Artificial Goose Feather Pillow

    • Soft and fluffy, it slowly recovers.
    • Softer than a microfiber ball pillow.
    • Good weight distribution
    • Commonly used in homes or 4-5 star hotels.
    • Suitable for those who like to sleep with a pillow that is not very high.
    • standard size

      Our pillow is 19"x 29"

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